Shabby chic furniture as an interior indoor style that was first identified and named in the late 80s by Rachel Ashwell. Even though comparatively modern in conception, the ‘look’ is made up of a blend of vintage, antique styles with details of both English and French country homes. One of the enormous things about this technique of furnishing is that you can find shabby chic furniture just about wherever, or it can create life as any innovative item and merely be distressed to realize the same effect.

French Country Home

Shabby Chic furniture is one of a decorating styles that seems to be here to stay. It is excellent for people who prefer to save money, although there is also the high end shabby chic furniture supplied by companies like Some people search operator markets and yard sales searching for shabby chic furniture of all varieties that has the old and worn look, the shabby chic style. Often, distressed designed furniture can be chosen up for next to nothing. It is these cheap items of decorated furniture that we should be involved in.

You don’t require going all out with this form, just a few choice items of furniture will soften your surroundings and form an inviting, luxurious living space. Essential items of shabby chic furniture to look out for are old decorated chairs, armoires (a type of French cupboard), natural tables and old-looking French furniture.

Large Shabby Chic Display Cabinet
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Shabby Chic Four Poster Bed

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Rustic Style Shabby Chic Picture & Frame

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A few items dotted around the house will contribute a subtle, fluid theme – you can add more pieces as needed, depending on how distant you want to take a look. Of course, if you have old un-painted furniture you can give it a layer of color and use this easily distressed shine to bring it to life. If you do choose to do this, have in mind that the finish you are going to apply will deepen the color considerably, so use pastel shades, like beige or cream, unless you want a dark look.

One of the standard characteristics of shabby chic is the multi-layered color look, scuffed and wear shows the bare wood or other muted, pastel tones below. The French furniture of this mode performs toward detailed hand carvings and large, robust beds; the refinement of these items adds a feeling of quality to balance the fact that it’s a little ‘sharp around the edges.’ The main thing that separates shabby chic from a more traditional ancient French furniture aspect is the addition of soft decorative prints and materials that look aged and well-loved (often performed using a bleaching or tea-staining techniques).

Ivory Shabby Chic Bed

If you need to focus on just one room, you don’t require going crazy – just preferring a few pieces of furniture; a chest of drawers, an elaborate mirror, light or perhaps the ideal French furniture item, the chaise longue. It’s such a talented interior design style that you can pick a few items of furniture and provide them in with your current furnishings.

So if you believe this is the style for you, begin off with a piece of shabby chic that you love; then add a some more, some decoration and flowery accents, a bit of French furniture and view your home as it smoothly transforms into a lovely country-like retreat. As with most converts to this style, you will apparently get your shabby chic furniture collection turns to quite a size.

We have had a look at the market for shabby chic furniture and a few companies stood out to us and would definitely be worth a look as they each have their own unique pieces, which one you decide to go with will ultimately be that ships to your location as not all ship worldwide due to the logistic issues and costs of long distance shipping.

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